Bioplasm NLS Machine

Learn about the three main functions of the NLS Bioplasm and discover its versatility:


Body state and process detection: the NLS Bioplasm detects the systemic function of 12 major systems, including hundreds of organs, glands and cell types. It generates predictive reports on thousands of diseases and provides accurate detection of the entire list of 120,000. Our customers can see the current and past status of their organs, processes, and 3-5 year health and cellular vitality trends.

Analysis of various interactions, items: analysis of foods, health products and substances, comparing their physiological effects with the functioning of the body (positive or negative effects, achieving or maintaining life balance). Allergy testing and screening, screening for sensitivities and intolerances!

Remedial treatment function - biofeedback/Meta-therapy: with restoration of the energy spectrum and remedial function in the early or not yet developed stages of the disease, especially in the improvement of pain and inflammatory processes, it has a strong, very good complementary therapeutic effect.


Who is BIOPLASM NLS recommended for?

The Bioplasm device's software is easy to use and manage for both lay people and professionals. The assessment is automated and fast, and the test results are automatically managed. It is a useful tool for every health-conscious family! It is important to note that there are no side effects and it is harmless to use. At the same time, it is an effective companion for a healthy life!


The NLS BioPlasm basic device is available with a FREE jar remote control accessory. The price includes the supplement, customs duty and the official guarantee in Hungary! The Bioplasm comes with HUNGARIAN language software and manual. With personal delivery and free basic training, it is available at the cheapest price in Europe, with the latest hardware and software, with ongoing training. This is the pinnacle of NLS technology pioneered in the field of bioresonance - available to all families!

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