BioPhilia Guardian NLS Machine

Biophilia Guardian- For Animals, For Pets!
Since animals can't tell you how they feel, this device is a great advantage!
It also provides detailed and accurate results when testing for pathogens and, like all NLS devices, it allows you to treat them without chemicals. Measuring at over 2000 points, it also gives a detailed picture of the state of the animal's body, its processes and their direction and progression. You can also see the history of the development of a problem and its future direction. There are many indications to help the veterinarian, the professional or the owner.

Like the other NLS devices, the Biophilia Guardian is a powerful treatment. Experience has shown that animals love the treatments and, once used to them, often ask for them themselves. They respond quickly and effectively to treatment, faster than humans.

They are also effective and non-invasive against pathogens. The 24D NLS hardware provides powerful, rapid sampling based on the latest technologies. It is also capable of measuring DNA samples (hair, nails), so that the animal can be tested and treated completely free of any restrictions.
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The Nls BioPhilia Guardian basic device is available with a jar remote handling accessory. The price above is with the accessory and includes Customs and official Hungarian warranty! The Nls BioPhilia Guardian is sold with HUNGARIAN language software!
With personal pick-up and free basic training - the latest hardware and software - the cheapest price in Europe - continuous training - the top of the line NLS technology further developed from bioresonance.

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