NLS remote jar for distance healing

NLS Bioplasm is available separately in our shop.
We recommend it primarily to customers who did not purchase their Bioplasm from our store and did not receive the jar.

The remote control can also be used independently with other software. For example the mobile Z-app. Our customers also receive our own developed Frekvencia medical software.


NLS remote control
Perform scans and treatments up to 5000km worldwide, just as if the client were sitting at their desk. You can insert hair, fingernail or other DNA samples and take measurements using the measuring box. The remote operator performs the measurements using scalar waves.

Based on the inserted sample, it transmits the signals to the connected measuring device, which can then perform the test.

During the treatment, the NLS Remote Handler crucible transmits the corresponding vibrations from the sample.

We recommend the NLS Remote Handling Crucible for all NLS measuring instruments we sell, based on our practical experience.

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10-14 nap
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1490 Ft
2 év
512.24 EUR
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