BioPhilia Tracker NLS Machine

Come and get to know the Nls BioPhilia Tracker in detail! This device is specifically designed for doctors, clinicians, researchers and biologists. It does everything without missing anything. It offers everything that technology makes possible today. Powerful and accurate hardware and software without compromise! Yet at half or a third the price of its western competitors.

Biophilia Tracker - The Peak Device!
Its concise, holistic software measures over 2500 points, compares over half a million variables in seconds, and then presents the results with 99% accuracy. It's also fast and effective in treatments. It can be used for a wide range of treatments. From general treatments to precision treatments. Immediate, rapid results are a hallmark.
Of course, it uses the most advanced laser sensors, combined with electrical and electromagnetic signalling for accuracy. It is also compatible with accessories for DNA and other samples. This instrument also has the best results in remote handling. The 25D NLS hardware is accompanied by very well-designed software that is attractive to look at and provides more detailed results in the condition assessment. Compared to similar techniques from Western countries, it is available at a third to a seventh of the price!
Fontso Information!

The Nls Biophilia Tracker is now on SALE with the larger Black Box remote control accessory. The above price is with the accessory and includes Customs and official Hungarian warranty! The Nls Biophilia Tracker comes with HUNGARIAN LANGUAGE software and a SPECIAL Biophilia Guardian (pet handling) softer and software key. So for the price of one device you get the knowledge of 2 devices!
With personal delivery and free basic training - the latest hardware and software - the cheapest price in Europe - continuous training - the cutting edge of NLS technology developed from bioresonance.

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6 700.39 EUR
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