BioPhilia Intruder NLS Machine

The Biophilia Intruder NLS - Three Main Functions
Learn about the 3 main functions of the Nls Biophilia Intruder so you can see for yourself how widely it can be used:

1. Body state and process recognition function:
Detect systemic 12 major systems, hundreds of organs, glands, cell types. Predictive reports are generated for thousands of diseases, with a full list of 120,000 ensuring accurate detection. The client can see the status of their organs, processes, current and past, as well as future 3-5 year health and organ cell vitality trends.

2. Various interactions, items analysis function:
Analysis of food, health products, substances. Comparison of the physiological effects of the substances detected with the processes of the body (whether they have a positive effect or a detrimental one, in achieving or maintaining a balanced state of life). Allergy testing and screening, screening for sensitivities and intolerances!

3. Corrective treatment function - biofeedback/Meta-therapy:
With energy spectrum restoration and repair function, it has a strong, very good complementary therapeutic effect in the early or not yet developed stages of the disease, especially in the improvement of pain and inflammatory processes.
Biophilia Intruder - The Real Fighter Against Pathogens!
A much more powerful and precise instrument in both hardware and software than previous models. It is one of the most advanced NLS devices. Its strength lies in its speed and accuracy (98%). Its special feature is that its software measures from more than 2000 samples and is highly concentrated in the detection, treatment and eradication of pathogens. Modules specially designed for this purpose facilitate the analysis, because by comparing the different bodily processes, they include pathogens in their correlation analysis. Its efficient condition assessment and its effectiveness against pathogens also facilitate treatment. It accurately measures DNA, RNA, laboratory, blood, saliva and tissue samples.
It accurately identifies hundreds of pathogens and pathogens (fungi, parasites, amoebae, viruses and bacteria). It can also effectively eradicate them. It has several methods to do this. It does everything that BIOPLASM and METAHUNTER do, but more of everything and more accurately. Hardvere 25D NLS.

Important information!

The Nls Biophilia Intruder is now on SALE with the larger Black Box remote control accessory. The price above is with the accessory and includes Customs and official warranty in Hungary! The Nls Biophilia Intruder comes with HUNGARIAN LANGUAGE software and a SPECIAL Biophilia Guardian (pet handling) softer and software key. So for the price of one device you get the knowledge of 2 devices!
With personal delivery and free basic training - the latest hardware and software - the cheapest price in Europe - continuous training - the cutting edge of NLS technology developed from bioresonance.

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